Hotel Kärntnerland in Obertauern

Travel & arrive safely

The fastest way to Obertauern

Hotel Kärntnerland / Ringstraße 3 / 5562 Obertauern / Austria

By car / motorcycle

Please inform yourself before your arrival about the current traffic situation on Austrian roads (ÖAMTC) and note that on Austrian highways vignettes are mandatory

From the north (e.g. Munich / D or Salzburg):
In Germany the A8 motorway to Salzburg. 1 km after the Walserberg motorway border crossing, turn onto the A10 Tauern motorway in the direction of Graz & Villach. Exit 63 (Radstadt & Altenmarkt or Graz). On the B99 past Altenmarkt and Radstadt approx. 25 km to Obertauern.

From the east (e.g. Vienna or Graz):
Via the A2 motorway and the S6 Semmering expressway to the St. Michael id Steiermark motorway junction. From here through the Mur Valley, past Judenburg, Murau and Tamsweg to Obertauern (S36 / B97 / B99).

2nd variant from St. Michael i.d. Styria: via the A9 to Liezen and then via the B320 / E651 through the Ennstal to Radstadt and Obertauern.

If you prefer to travel by motorway from Vienna, there is the alternative via the A1 to Salzburg and then via the A10 Tauern motorway (see Arrival from the north).

From the south (e.g. Udine / I, Ljubljan / SLO or Villach):
In Italy via the A23 or in Slovenia via the E61 to the Villach motorway junction. From here on the A10 Tauern motorway towards Salzburg – through the Katschberg tunnel – to the St. Michael i. Lungau. (An alternative to the Katschberg tunnel, which is subject to toll, is the Rennweg exit and the road over the Katschberg.) From St. Michael the B99 leads through Mauterndorf and Tweng approx. 30 km to Obertauern.

From the west (e.g. Innsbruck or Bischofshofen):
You can arrive via the motorway from the north (see above). The arrival options via div. Federal roads meet in Altenmarkt. From here it’s about 24 km past Radstadt to Obertauern.

Arrived in Obertauern:
Coming from Radstadt, follow the main road (B99) to bridge no. 5. Immediately afterwards, turn left. In the second row (behind the Hotel Snowwhite) you will find the Hotel Kärntnerland.

Coming from Mauterndorf, follow the main road (B99) over the top of the pass to bridge no. 5. Turn right immediately before it. In the second row (behind the Hotel Snowwhite) is the Hotel Kärntnerland.

After arrival, park your car in the parking lot in front of the hotel or in the underground garage (up to 2.10 m high) for which a fee is charged.

By train

The destination station for those arriving by train is Radstadt. From Radstadt it’s still 21 km to Obertauern. We recommend booking the taxi for the train station transfer in advance, e.g. at

Taxi Habersatter:
Taxi Obertauern:

Information on the departure times of the public buses can also be obtained from the timetable information at . Simply enter Obertauern and Radstadt as the destination or departure station.

By plane

Obertauern is located between 2 airports: Salzburg & Klagenfurt – which are also served by various (low-cost) airlines.

There is a cheap shuttle transfer for both airports:

Airport transfer Salzburg – Obertauern – Salzburg
Airport transfer Klagenfurt – Obertauern – Klagenfurt

Take advantage of that Habersatter airport shuttle (Collective transfer) for the journey from Salzburg Airport.

The next major international airport is Munich Airport (approx. 250 km)